Digital VSM


This tool provides a complete view of an organisation’s process, people and technology and its opportunities for improvement.

Digital VSM combines classical value stream mapping with a detailed analysis of the information generated along the flow, both in the production area and in the support services. The analysis focuses on the data that are generated, how they are recorded, analysed and exploited; which people are involved in their processing; which management systems (ERP, CRM) and media (digital or non-digital) are used, etc.

Digital VSM is used to identify the weak points in the workflow that affect efficiency or customer satisfaction and to propose improvement actions to reduce or eliminate these weaknesses.

The results of the analysis are translated into a customised roadmap with prioritised short, medium and long-term projects.

This service is developed in collaboration with technology partners iAR and Smart Lean Solutions.


  • Describe the current situation of value flows with data and indicators.
  • Know the level of digitisation of the process and its impact on efficiency and communication between the actors involved.
  • Establish measures to eliminate process waste, standardisation and simplification of the process flow
  • Identify improvements in the digital systems used for information management

How we achieve it

  • Planning: choice of process, team building and training
  • Analysis of flows (materials, people, information) and digital systems
  • Action plan: waste reduction, standardisation of the process, improvement of digital capabilities, training, automation, connectivity