About us


Provide consulting solutions to improve businesses’ performance and productive processes through building capability and the use of the Lean Management methods.

We help organisations to streamline their key processes with tools that focus on the elimination of non-adding value activities for cost efficiency, without sacrificing security and quality.


Promote business’ competitiveness through action-based projects, technical solutions and building capability across organisations, while sharing risks and benefits.

Engage with our customers to deliver valuable and sustainable results.

Our approach

  • Results driven By proposing effective actions that make a difference and drive measurable outcomes.

  • Methodology We apply lean management tools meant for delivering maximum value with the use of the minimum possible resources for customer satisfaction. And use our own working methods in consulting and training.

  • Commitment Our philosophy implies a full involvement with our clients and their teams throughout the project.

  • Action “We do it together” is one of our firm’s mottos. We work along your team in the deployment of the productive and organizational improvements on site, at the factory floor.

  • People The aim is to develop your team’s capabilities and skills so they are able to identify, propose and apply new solutions with the maximum autonomy.

  • Experience ACMP’s team of professionals has a strong background in a variety of industries and sectors as well as broad experience in the field of consultancy.


We are part of

Some figures

  • +400

    accomplished projects since 2013

  • 19

    sectors within the industry, services and administration

  • 4

    countries, Spain, France, Peru & Chile

  • +170