Layout design of industrial facilities


The distribution of space and the layout of equipment in an industrial facility have a considerable impact on the efficiency ratio and costs.

A factory layout designed according to Lean principles achieves a minimum of waste from the outset, in particular the movement of people and materials, transport and space occupied. Work in progress as well as product manufacturing times are also reduced under this approach.

The need to design a new layout may be motivated by the fact that a new industrial plant is to be built due to the company’s growth, or that existing facilities need to be expanded or certain areas reorganised because a new production line is being introduced.

Whether we are dealing with the redesign or extension of a factory or the creation of a new one, what we are looking for is to conceive a space whose organisation favours the continuous flow, operational management and is a pleasant and safe working environment.


  • Minimising waste and saving costs
  • Design the facility according to current production needs and their possible evolution.
  • Guarantee door-to-door flow
  • Optimise the movement of goods and people with maximum safety

How we achieve it

  • Define the project: objectives, plan, deliverables and team
  • Analysis of customer requirements: products, quality, logistics, etc.
  • Study of flows and definition of the process architecture
  • Definition of operational needs. Distribution of machinery and facilities
  • Design of the new layout and deliverables