Safety comes first. The implementation of LOTO procedures (Lockout and Tagout) allows companies to ensure the safety of workers handling equipment and installations while improving productivity.


Move your business forward. We help industrial SMEs to develop their growth projects at all stages, from feasibility to achieving an efficient, autonomous and stable scale industrialisation.​

What we do

We develop improvement projects on the spot,at the factory floor,
actively collaborating with the team,
to achieve more flexible, agile and efficient processes,
providing the basis for progress in digitisation.


We provide consultancy, training and mentoring services in four broad areas covering different practices that complement each other, enabling us to offer comprehensive support to all types of industry and service companies.

Efficiency improvement

Habits for
sustainable improvement

Training & development



Smart Lean Solutions


FMEA handbook updated

FMEA handbook updated

The aim of this handbook new version is to provide the industry with a more robust and consistent application model...

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Upcoming open courses

VI edición Programa Superior en dirección y mejora de procesos: Metodología LEAN

Fechas: 04/10/2022 – 02/05/2023
Duración: 142 horas
Lugar: Presencial (AIN) – Online

Formación Executive | IV Programa Superior Mejora de procesos Nivel Green Belt

Fechas: 02/11/2022 – 04/05/2023
Duración: 140 horas
Lugar: Aula Virtual

Cómo implantar un sistema de mejora continua basado en Lean. Nivel iniciación, 6ª edición

Fechas: 04/04/2023 al 02/05/2023
Duración: 40 horas
Lugar: Presencial. Cámara Zaragoza

Cómo implantar un sistema de mejora continua basado en Lean. Nivel avanzado, 6ª edición

Fechas: 09/05/2023 al 06/06/2023
Duración: 40 horas
Lugar: Presencial. Cámara Zaragoza