Through our Lean digitalisation firm, Smart Lean Solutions, created together with the software development company iAR, we develop solutions designed to improve the efficiency of production and management processes.

  • Smart Check: creation, edition and management of digital checklists software.
  • Smart Efficiency: automatic data capture system, monitores production data and OEE.
  • Smart GAP: action and project management platform.
  • Smart KPI: daily operational management of key indicators, improvement actions and follow-up meetings software.
  • Smart 5S: app that manages activity related to periodic 5S audits and improvement actions.
  • Smart NC: software for recording and managing non-conformities.


  • Better managed, more agile, reliable and efficient work processes.
  • More efficient and effective management of resources
  • Waste reduction/elimination: time, floor space, lack of quality, errors
  • Facilitates decision making processes, with data and in real time
  • Reduction of document management
  • Facilitates communication and the generation of reliable and relevant information
  • Enables control and traceability of information and actions

How we achieve it

  • Diagnosis: detection of needs. Action plan
  • Awareness raising and training
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring and knowledge transfer