5S digital audits app Smart 5S now available in English

ACMP’s Lean digitalization brand, Smart Lean Solutions, has just released a new English version of Smart 5S, the 5S periodic audits management application.

This web and mobile app allows organizations a comprehensive management of the 5S audit process, including the creation of checklists, the verification of 5S standards, and the monitorization of corrective actions. The app is also available in English from May 2020. The user’s profile settings determine whether the Smart 5S content appears in English or in Spanish.

The audit process more agile, effective and efficient. 

This Smart Lean Solutions’ app stands up for its simplicity, the visual management cues added and its usability. It considerably simplifies the employees’s daily tasks, cutting by 50% the audit times.

Besides, Smart 5S enhances communications among team members and provides up-tp-date and accurate data, all of which encourages staff’s involvement in sustaining the 5S routines.

Get your Smart 5S free trial for 30 days and try all it can do for your company.


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