Smart GAP is a productivity and cloud communication tool created by our Lean 4.0 brand, Smart Lean Solutions, which integrates in the same platform both the improvement and project actions.

Are there more than one Project Management System in in your company? Do you know who is the manager for each project? Is it clear who is in charge of what? Would you like to manage all your tasks with the same tool?

If your answer is yes, you’ll probably be interested in Smart Lean Solutions’ new app.

Smart GAP (Projects and Actions Management) is a digital tool for organizing, planning and controlling work tasks in every organizational areas in all kind of companies.

Its main characteristic is to centralize on a single platform all the actions associated with each user, whether individual, belonging to a project or a specific area of ​​the organization.

Its main functionalities are: 

  1. Create, organize and manage projects and tasks
  2. Plan and control resources: people, deadlines and costs
  3. Monitor work progress 

The app includes four different views: a dashboard including an overview of all projects and their status; a calendar with all scheduled activities; the dependencies between actions and degree of execution. Finally, a task list view including filters to search or classify items.

This software allows the integration with other apps, such as Smart GIC and Smart 5S, to manage from the same platform all the improvement actions assigned in daily operational management meetings and 5S audits respectively.

Smart GAP is a simple, functional and visual software designed to make it easier for the staff to organize and carry out their tasks and improve their productivity.

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