Aleanmentaria is a work methodology developed by ACMP to help companies within the agrifood sector to improve their competitiveness. This method adapts the lean system and tools to the specific characteristics of the sector and industries.

The seasonality of feedstocks, a product that is often perishable, low efficiency rates, high levels of automation in production lines or a tight food security regulation are just a few factors that have an influence on the activity of the companies. Besides, on these days the markets request small lot sizes but more frequently.

For that reason, to reach an optimum level efficiency, flexibility and quality throughout the business’s processes is crucial for maintaining the competitive advantage.

We provide saving-costs solutions to industries aimed at increasing the efficiency rate while assuring the company meets its client’s quality standards and delivery times.

We offer this service in partnership with the National Centre for Technology and Food Safety (CNTA) as part of its Operational Efficiency department.

Operational Efficiency Service presentation