TPM Game: how to get the most out of the production systems

Learning game designed by ACMP that introduces employees to the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Lean methodology.  .

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is an integrated system that combines different continuous improvement methodologies and tools and aims to eliminate waste in the production system (machinery, facility, organisation) ans maximize its performance.

The methodology seeks an optimized production system with a minimum of downtimes, breakdowns, slowdowns, defects and losses which is operated with the highest quality, energy efficiency and safety.

In other words, the aim is for production to have the necessary production elements at its disposal at the right time and in optimum conditions.


TPM Game is a question and answer exercise that addresses the principles of this continuous improvement tool, its eight pillars and the key factors for proper implementation in manufacturing..

We use this game to train teams in the methodology both through in-company and open courses. It can be played individually or in teams and its mechanics are simple. Participants should test their knowledge on the subject and have to go through different stages until the construction of a TPM project is completed.

Combine with the theoretical contents, this exercise provides an entertaining and active way to learn the fundamentals of TPM.

This practice takes place during classroom training and improvement workshops.