LEANBRICKS: experiencing the benefits of Lean

Strong leadership is one of the key factors to a successful Lean implementation as it contributes to sustain improvements over times. Managers’ commitment and involvement are vital to move forward every Lean transformation project.

Characteristics and objectives

This exercise simulates an assembly line of a conventional plant where there are departmental goals and niche and batch production.

The game is divided into 4 rounds and consists of the implementation of the different phases of Lean methods helping participants to understand its benefits. During the game, trainers will outline the fundamentals and tools to be deployed at every stage.

LeanBricks main objective is that participants get into the principles, concepts and main tools of Lean Manufacturing and to experience the advantages and difficulties of its application in their company.

Further information

Number of participants: 12-17 people

This practice takes place during classroom training and improvement workshops.

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(Language: Spanish)