Training & Development

Learning Method

People are businesses’ best asset. They are an essential lever for change, who improve processes and develop good products. Therefore, promoting their professional development is crucial to effectively introduce new management and production systems.

We train your team on the optimization and quality assurance practices and tools enabling them to carry out continuous improvement projects with autonomy and sustainability.

Ours is a comprehensive training service that includes the definition of the strategy, learning path, contents and simulation exercises according to every your company needs. We deliver in-company and open courses.

Our teaching approach is based on the “learning by doing” methodology for which simulation games are a key element. ACMP Games replicate different business processes in a “realistic” way allowing participants to practice the tools and techniques they are learning. This way, people can easily understand the benefits and difficulties of real implementation.

We also develop tailored-made games to our client’s needs, activities or processes upon request.