Value Stream Mapping-VSM

Value Stream Map is an analytical tool that allows companies to obtain a full view of the entire value chain, from the begining of a product/service until it reach the customer. It is a visual tool that displays the three types of flows taking place within the company – materials, information and people – and how they relate to each other.

This tool is applied during the first stages of a Lean transformation project. Its purpose is to detect the sources of waste so that they can be tackled through the design and implementation of action plans.


  • Identify sources of waste, non value activities
  • Visually displays the creation of value
  • Provide a common language and consensus on where, why and when acting to eliminate waste
  • Enable the definition of improvement plans
  • Deploy the Lean system in an orderly and sustained manner


How we achieve it

  • Create of the project team
  • Select of the value chain to be analysed
  • Staff training on Lean fundamentals and concepts
  • Develop the current state map
  • Design the future state
  • Define improvement and prioritisation plans

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