Single Minute Exchange of Die_SMED

This Lean improvement tool makes it possible to reduce line or machine downtime due to tooling changes, tuning or line cleaning with a quantified objective. The reduction in changeover times allows companies to be more flexible in the face of variations in customer demand and to be able to reduce stocks without loss of efficiency.

Optimised changeover times can ensure that manufacturing fewer and a more varied number of references in lesser time intervals becomes a competitive advantage. It also helps decrease indirect costs: transport, warehouse and logistics, quality and reduction of obsolete stocks, raw materials and WIP.



  • Reduce batch sizes by ensuring equipment performance
  • Reduce delivery times
  • Reduce downtime
  • Optimize indirect costs

Cómo lo aplicamos

  • Internal communication on project objectives
  • Implement a Kaizen workshop for quick results
  • Train teams on the SMED methodology for subsequent deployment
  • Train on Lean principles and the eight wastes
  • Deploy the methodology by phases:
    • Measure changeover
    • Identification of internal and external tasks
    • Transform internal tasks into external ones
    • Reduce internal tasks
    • Reducte external tasks
    • Standardisation

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