Short Interval Management_ SIM

Short Interval Management (SIM) is a visual operational management approach related to Lean Management that focuses on continuous improvement. SIM consists of a cycle of periodic on-site meetings scheduled at short time intervals (shift, day, week, etc.) in which people from different areas meet to monitor KPIs and coordinate and follow up improvement action plans.

The objective of this managerial system is to align the entire organisation with its goals and optimise resources by focusing on waste removal. SIM is a simple and effective method to sustain continuous improvement with people’s active involvement.


  • Manage and sustain the continuous improvement culture
  • Expose opportunities for process improvement
  • Increase agility to react to problems or deviations from goals
  • Support and progress in the implementation of Lean tools
  • Contribute to a better information flow in processes
  • Focus the organisation on value creation
  • Provide a common language throughout the organization

How we achieve it

  • Training and communication plan
  • Design and implementation of SIM system for each level
  • Definition of KPI and goals
  • Organisation of periodic meetings

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