Statistical Process Control_SPC

It is well known that all production processes have variation. As long as we are able to identify the causes behind variation we will be capable of reducing it.

The aim of Statistical Process Control (SPC) is to control this variation in order to be able to predict the process result and carry out the modifications that are required to improve it.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is the use of statistical techniques to analyse a process or its results and take appropriate action to achieve and maintain its stability and improve its capacity.



  • Control process variation
  • Reduce costs and improve processes
  • Reduce scrap in manufacturing processes
  • Evaluate and improve process capacity


How we achieve it

  • Select variable(s) to be controlled and appropriate type of chart
  • Chronological collection of process data
  • Calculate the centre line and control limits
  • Drawing the graph
  • Identify and eliminate special causes of variation

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