Layout design of industrial facilities

Layout design of the floor space and the equipement location in an industrial facility has a considerable impact on the efficiency ratio and costs.

A plant layout designed according to Lean principles ensures that waste is kept to a minimum from the begining, particularly those related to movements of people and materials , transport and occupied space. WIP and production times are also reduced by aplying an optimized layout.

The design a new layout may be trigger by need to build a new industrial plant due to the company’s growth or becasue it is necessary to extend the current equipment or to reorganise certain areas as a new production line is introduced.

Whether we are dealing with a redesign/expansion of a factory or the creation of a new one, our aim is to conceive a space whose organisation enables continuous flow, operational management and is a pleasant and safe working environment.


  • Minimize waste and save costs
  • Project the layout according to the present manufacturing needs and its possible evolution
  • Ensure door-to-door flow
  • Optimise the movement of goods and people with maximum security


How we achieve it

  • Project definition: objectives, plan, deliverables and equipment
  • Analysis of customer requirements: products, quality, logistics, etc.
  • Study of flows and definition of process architecture
  • Definition of operational needs. Distribution of machinery and facilities
  • New layout design and deliverables

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