Sistemas Kanban-Pull

Manufacturing only what the customer asked for is the basis of a pull production planning system.

This approach allows a total adjustment and stock control between the workstations (WIP, work in process). The maximum quantity of work in process is defined in the pull system so that the operator is supplied from the previous work station to produce the right quantity ordered by the customer. This withdrawal gives the signal to the personnel of the previous work station to produce again and replace the materials that have been used. The kanban is based on a visual aid system in which cards, boxes, etc. are used to give a signal of production or supply, indicating what, when and how much is produced.


  • Replacement based on customer consumption, greater flexibility
  • Adjust resources to actual customer demand
  • Inventory reduction
  • Free up floorspace occupied by WIP
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce waste: waiting times, occupied floorspace, defects, overproduction


How we achieve it

  • Prerequisites: optimisation of changeover times and 5S, standardised processes and flows
  • Preliminary VSM to define and identify the flow structure and WIP management
  • ABC analysis of WIP and definition of supermarkets
  • Sizing of supermarkets by EPEI calculation (Every Part, Every Interval)
  • Training of ALL the people involved
  • Supportting the mplementation and launch of the management system with the supermarket
  • Result evaluation

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