Kaizen event

Kaizen events are a five-days workshops run by a designated team and intended to the quick implementation of a Lean tool in a company’s specific area. The team objectives are to analyse a real process, identify its inefficiencies and propose ideas to improve it, acomplishing as many improvement actions as possible during the workshop. Pending solutions are gathered in a plan for later evaluation and implementation.

Workshops usually take three to five days and involve a small working team made up mainly of line workers, certain middle-level managers and employees from support areas. Active participation of the employees involved in the process is one of the Kaizen event key of  success.


  • Identify and minimize waste
  • Improving quality and safety
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving productivity
  • Developing skills and promoting people’s motivation
  • Sustaining continuous improvement due to staff involvement

How we achieve it

  • Setting up the Kaizen workshop: define objectives and informing the staff
  • Introduce the agenda, rules and principles of conduct during the Kaizen event
  • Process analysis
  • Develop of proposals for improvement and implementation of actions
  • Define the new work standard
  • Presentation of implemented and planned improvements
  • Monitoring and measurement of indicators

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