Internal logistics

Efficient processes require a proper internal logistics flow to be as reactive as possible to variations in customer demand.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide the processes with tools and means such as supermarkets, picking, supply train (milk run), standardization of logistics operations, definition of logistics units, etc. that will allow companies to reduce or eliminate as much as possible waste in transportation, reworking and waiting. Once mastered from the inside, these same internal logistics concepts can be extended to suppliers and customers.


  • Reduce of materials and WIP
  • Eliminate of line supply shortages
  • Improve workplace ergonomics
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction of warehouses

How we achieve it

5S and standardized manufacturing processes are required before implementing the logistics tools.

Implementation is carried out by phases till reach the whole factory through pilot projects where teams are being trained

  • Project definition and identification of the pilot area
  • Training on internal logistics concepts with simulation exercises
  • Adaptation of a picking zone in the warehouse
  • Transformation of the production lines/equipment and start up of the milk run whithin the pilot area
  • Deployment expands to other areas
  • Optimisation of logistics through continuous improvement. Short Interval operational Management system (SIM)

Best practices

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