5S_Organisation, cleanliness and sustainable habits

5S is a basic methodology in the Lean system deployment that serves to achieve safe, organised and clean working environments on a permanent basis.  5S reduces non-valuable operations, improves quality and therefore reduces costs.

The main idea is that workers have the tools they need in their work station, and that these are accesible and ready for use so that they can operate with the minimum loss of time and material.

5S is a simple technique that does not require complex technical knowledge or a high level of resources to be implemented, so any company can adopt it into its management model.

5S increases workers efficiency and allows the adoption of a continuous improvement culture wu¡ithi the company.



  • Increase safety and reduce the number of accidents
  • Eliminate waste due to unnecessary movements and downtime
  • Definition and assurance of work standards
  • Improvements in product quality and safety
  • Better maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Increase productivity with the involvement of all staff

How we achieve it

  • Management commitment
  • Internal communication of the project objective to all staff
  • Development of a kaizen workshop in a pilot area for the deployment of 5S
  • Staff training
  • Definition of work standards
  • 5S deployment: organizing, tidying up, cleaning and removing sources of dirt, standardizing, discipline and habit.

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