Our team know how is ACMP’s greatest asset. Our consultants come from different productive backgrounds and provide a relevant consulting career helping organisations to achieve their operational improvement objectives.

All this experience has allowed us to develop our own approach to lean implementation, both in consulting and training.

Today, we work in various countries and industries such as the automotive, renewable energy, agrifood, chemical, pharma, services, logistics, education, public services, etc.

Examples of delivered results

  • +10

    OEE points

  • ↓88%

    rejected product

  • +25%

    points increase in customer service level

  • ↓45%

    downtime due to machinery breakdowns

  • ↓50%

    changeover time

  • ↓55%

    WIP in assembling process

  • 16%

    maintenance costs saved

  • +300

    improvement proposals implemented in a year

  • ↓25%

    decrease in production times


  • “For me, the best thing about ACMP is its people. Good and down to earth professionals with an analytical attitude that helped us to improve adapting to the company circumstances.”

    Juan Ignacio Lladó, General Manager, Hochland