New 5S methodology training app

5S methodology is the indispensable starting point when it comes to implementing an excellence and continuous improvement management approach. Without 5S in place it is not viable to deploy other Lean tools that require a sustainable order and cleanliness context.

Training the employees is a priority and one of the first steps we take when introducing this lean tool in any organization. To do so we usually arrange highly practical and engaging sesions according to ACMP’s learning methodology.

Now ACMP – in collaboration with our technological partner iAR- has developed a new application aimed at 5S training courses to enhance participants learning experience and interaction.

5S Game Training is a mobile app that allows users to be familiar with the fundamentals of the 5S method through a gamified excercise.

5S Game Training introduces the principles and advantages of the 5S in an entertaining way. The app is free and is available in Spanish, English and French.

This app presents to participants in training sessions the methodology five phases: Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Set in order), Seiso (Shine), Seiketsu (Standardice) and Shitsuke (Sustain).

During the game, players are able to comprehend the benefits 5S practice could bring to any workplace: reduce time loss reduction, greater efficiency, safety and product/service quality, prevent errors, standardiced work, among others.

This new app is free and available in Spanish, English and French.

If you are interested in the 5S Game, download it here:



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